If you ask any editor what they do for podcasting they might say, “I fix the mistakes”. They aren’t wrong, but they do so much more than that. If you are looking to raise your podcast to the next level, you might want to consider hiring an editor. Here are a few reasons why. 

Editing Software Is Foreign To You

Maybe you are the best at using Adobe Audition or another editing software, but in case you thought I just named a talent agency, you probably want to hire an editor. They can help manage sound, cut down the length of the show, and work at piecing content into a more cohesive story. Things start to get technical with multi-tracks and managing levels. Hiring an expert in this specific field can lessen the burden of learning how to do it yourself while making you sound great. 

You Have Other Things To Get Done

Depending on the length of your podcast, it can take twice as long to edit a show. If you are a host or content creator, you could be using the time you are taking to edit, for creating content. As your show ratings get higher and higher, investing in an editor could help you become even more successful. 

You Really Did Mess Up

What if you realized you said someone’s name incorrectly, or you really did drop something on your foot and uttered a bad word. Editors have your back. They will smoothly take Aunt Ellie’s (Ella’s?) name out like it never happened. An inappropriate expletive? No problem. No one will know you broke your toe at all. They can remove all of your “ums”, “likes”, and long moments of silence, and make you look really good. You’ll love them for this the most. 

Consistent Flow

On top of their editing skills, editors have an outside perspective of the show. They can see where things start to slow down or where parts may need to be cut out altogether, especially if you tangent in a direction that has nothing to do with your main theme. Keeping up a consistent flow will create a better experience for your audience and keep the show on track. 

Hiring an editor for your podcast is truly going to help you out in the long run. After all, the software they work with is something they probably went to school for and know intimately. If you are sitting at your computer for hours watching Youtube videos on how to edit, just make your life easier and hire someone who already knows what they’re doing, and take your podcast to the next level. 

Photo Credit: Masako Watanabe.