Google has always been a go-to for many. It is now an actual term “Google It”. But it may surprise you that there are other search engines out there. Some that may align better with your preference for privacy. Here are some other search engines you can try that are not Google-related.



This search engine helps you find forums or message boards with ease.



Brave believes in a privacy-respecting experience.



Trying to escape the filter bubble? DuckDuckGo helps you do just that. You don’t have to create a user profile, and across the board, each person will receive the same search results, unlike others that bring up results based on your historical searches.



If you want your searches to help others, using this search engine helps distribute profits to charitable partners helping to provide clean water and sanitation to others.


There are a surprising number of search engines that are not Google. Whatever your motivations are, look for one that aligns with your beliefs or the way you conduct business. You may be really happy with the results.


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash