There are many sources out there that can help guide you through creating a podcast, from marketing to equipment as well as the technical and financial ins and outs, but what about the why? Why create a podcast? Well, for quite a few reasons actually. 


To Market Your Brand

You might have a product or services that you want to get the word out about. While your podcast may directly relate or not, your brand can be discussed in your podcast garnering more attention.


To Increase Your Network

There are others who are like-minded and have an interesting perspective to add to your podcast. A podcast is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those people who are experts and who can add even more value to your shows. You have a chance to form a relationship with others further expanding your network. 


To Make Money

If you have enough sponsors for your podcast, you can earn a lot of money. Depending on the size of your audience sponsors will pay for a mention. The other option is having affiliate links on your show page and if someone uses the link you can make a commission. 


To Have Your Voice Heard

Maybe you have been told to get your voice out there. Or maybe you feel compelled to tell your story to the world, or the story of someone else. Podcasts don’t have to be something you use to make money, they are also a platform to send a message or educate others.


Whether it be for money, networking, or just to teach those who are willing to listen, there is an opportunity out there for you to create a podcast. Whatever the reason, you never know where the journey will take you.