It’s not often we think about the behind the scenes of our favorite podcast. There are many independent podcasts out there, but you might not realize that, like your favorite television network, there are also podcast networks. To run many podcasts under one roof takes a large team and a lot of planning. When you have a podcast that is both audio and video, there are similar television aspects to the production. Here is a look at the different teams that are running around in the background bringing you your favorite binge-worthy podcasts.


Production Team

Cables, wiring and audio/video oh my! Technical Directors and Engineers are constantly making sure your podcast is flawless. Everything from clarity of the feed for both video and audio, to making sure the graphics and b-roll are placed precisely on the air at exactly the right time, especially if a podcast records live. When something malfunctions, the production team scrambles to fix it ASAP. Part of this team includes people who manage schedules, help develop and direct content, and ensure people are where they are supposed to be. There are a lot of moving parts, and this team is in the thick of it.



Because people download podcasts to watch later, the editors are another huge part of podcasting. Editing show content, whether it’s adding a bit here and there or cutting things out, their goal is to create a cohesive show. Creating transitions and editing without anyone realizing something was changed is a talent. They often have a multipurpose job of creating graphics, adjusting sound and applying flawless transitions among many other things. 


Marketing Team

Marketing has the big job of drawing the rest of the world to come listen to a show, better yet, all shows. With multiple podcasts, this team has to find opportunities that get the word out and tailor marketing to different audiences. Getting pictures, posting on social media, updating graphics, and ensuring downloads are increasing means they need to constantly bob and weave in an ever-changing competitive profession. 


Sales Team

We’d all love to create podcast networks and live our lives just chatting, but in order to do that, you need to have money. This would not be possible without a sales team. Sales are your bread and butter. They will bring in sponsors and sell your show so that a network can flourish. It’s a constant hunt to find sponsors that match your audiences, as well as having a good reputation.  They have an important job of vetting quality advertisers to be on the network and really shouldn’t be taking on just anyone. Sponsors should be tailored to a network’s audience so that everyone can benefit.


Continuity Team

Whether it’s checking show pages or making sure ads are properly displayed, you need a team that can smooth out the edges. This team is the last resort to checking for mistakes, making adjustments to verbiage, and can look at all content with a critical eye. Whether it’s information, spelling, or verifying that the right graphics are used for ads or content, a continuity team is the final check everyone needs.



People listen to podcasts for many reasons, but the host and guests are what bring it to life. Hosts are basically the show! Without them, there would be no one to listen to. They love what they do and enjoy connecting with their listeners. They make shows come to life with their knowledge, their charisma, and their ability to deliver content in a way that speaks to people.


So the next time you’re thinking about your favorite podcast, don’t forget all the people that made it happen and how much went into it. It might surprise you and give you a little perspective the next time you download a show.


Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash