#gratitude has been trending lately, and while it can be easy to write off as another yoga practice, protein powder, or sage-ing of your house (not that those things aren’t helpful for you and your mindset), there is so much more to gratitude and positivity, especially in your workplace, than you might think. We experience a lot of stress in our jobs – deadlines, angry customers, putting out fires both figuratively, and for some, literally. While there are many great things about workplaces such as your co-workers or the next company-funded lunch, and of course an income, dealing with a lot of negative elements day in and day out can take its toll. That’s where gratitude comes in. If you aren’t exactly sure what gratitude and positivity look like in the workplace, here are a few ways you might recognize it, and encourage it as well. 

Showing Off Those Pearly Whites

It might not be as obvious, but a smile goes a long way. According to one TedTalk, smiling can do wonders, creating brain stimulation worth over 16,000 chocolate bars! Giving your co-workers and employees your 100-watt smile is just one way to amp up their day. You are making them and yourself feel good and let’s be honest, even a stranger walking down the street giving you a grin makes your day a little brighter, think what it might do for someone you know and work with. 

A Big Fat Thank You

Have you taken time out of your day to say thank you to one of your co-workers? Genuinely? Everyone likes to feel appreciated no matter what it is they do. You can show different forms of gratitude all the time such as a nice card, an announcement during a team meeting, or an e-mail copying in your boss to thank someone for the great work they’re doing. Make it something that is a little more than your typical “thanks” response. It may even boost productivity and improve relationships, all of which goes toward a happier healthier work environment. Gratitude acknowledges someone’s work and motivates them to continue the great things they do. 


Who doesn’t like a party?! Throughout countries and cultures, celebrations have been a part of most people’s lives such as weddings or birthdays. And why is that? Because celebrations and optimism go hand in hand. The synonyms of optimism are hopefulness, cheerfulness, and confidence. All things that people want and need in their lives that often lead to better things. We need all of these feelings in the workplace too. Celebrations don’t always have to include cake and ice cream. They can be a little happy dance for finishing a project, going out to your favorite coffee place for a great collaboration, maybe buying yourself something nice for just getting through a tough presentation. You are giving yourself the opportunity to be in the moment and appreciate the joy and good things that have happened. Mini celebrations are just as important as big ones. 

There are many ways to be grateful and encourage positivity at your workplace, but smiling, recognition, and celebrating are a great start to creating a positive work environment that benefits both you and the others who work with you. Start bringing #gratitude into work with you and observe the great things it starts to do. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez​ on Unsplash.