Most of us have goals, whether that’s saving to buy a house, losing a few pounds, or maybe even a goal of reading 2,000 books this year! Whatever the goal may be, there are things you can do to reach these goals.


Make a Vision Board

Picturing the end results of your goals can encourage and motivate you to reach them. What does your life look like when you’ve reached those goals? Vision boards give you a picture to hold in your mind which are great motivators when working toward those goals. They also help to get you out of the funk you may feel you’ve been stuck in.


Use A Goal Tracker

Goal trackers give you two benefits when working toward your goals. The first is to help you check in with yourself, if you have to mark off your progress every day, this forces you to do it. And if you look at your tracker and notice “gosh I haven’t worked out in two days” it won’t let you forget. The second reason is that you have a visual motivator to show how far you’ve come! Make it something to color or something that visually appeals to you, make it fun, and interesting to you so you look forward to marking it off.



Much like a vision board, journaling is an exercise in visualization, but there is more to it. When you write down your goal strategy you are clarifying to yourself how you are going to do it, when, how, and why. A journal helps you create that plan and solidify it.


Be Patient And Consistent

One of the hardest parts about reaching goals is wanting them to happen right away. We get frustrated when we don’t see progress and many give up at this point. We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, so first, we must be patient, and second, we must keep on keeping on. There are going to be hard days and we have to work through those tough days to get to our end result by being consistent. 


For many, goals seem so far away, but the reality is we have to work toward them. We can’t just magically make a hundred grand appear (but if you can, please let me know). We have to save and work. No matter what your goals are, use these tools to assist you and you can make anything happen.


Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash