In the days before the internet, advertisers used billboards, subway signs, television, radio and, newspaper to reach consumers. While they hoped that they were hitting their intended targets, these methods cast a wide net for consumers rather than directly targeting a select group. 

As the digital age has expanded, podcasting has become more popular than ever. Podcast listeners gobble up their latest and deepest interests while hanging on to the words of their favorite hosts. Podcasts spring up from niche interests every day and now advertisers have the ability to use that to their advantage pinpointing the target audience they want to reach. 

Podcasters have a unique opportunity to learn their audience on an almost intimate level. They are more engaged with their listeners and more importantly, their audience feels engaged with them. This presents more of a relational experience where fans feel their host is someone who they know and trust, just the same as a trusted friend’s opinion. If a podcast attracts a certain type of fan base, odds are there’ll be similarities with how those fans consume products and services. 

Podcasting produces a unique opportunity for advertisers. While there are so many podcasters out there, choosing the right podcasts to advertise with is vital since you are in essence using influencer marketing. For example, if your product appeals to females, advertising with a podcast that has a predominantly male demographic will do nothing for your bottom line. Do the research to find out which podcast fits your target audience and whether or not niche advertising is even right for you. If you are advertising in the right places you will get the best return on your investment and a niche market just might be what you need.

Photo by Masako Watanabe