Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit small businesses particularly hard. People haven’t just lost their livelihoods, they have lost their dreams and blood, sweat, and tears. Some have quietly faded into the background so you don’t know they’ve closed until you go to grab your cup of coffee and instead find a note on the door. It’s sad and tragic. If there are local businesses in your community still open, whether they say it or not, they are struggling. So here are a few things you as a business can do to help them. 


Find ways to promote local businesses with your staff and with other businesses you might be in contact with regularly. 

Make Purchases 

If you need things for your business or want to give gifts to your employees, purchase locally. 

Ask Them How You Can Help 

Sometimes we need to reach out and ask what we can do. Whether it’s purchasing, or giving a helping hand, maybe even providing some ideas. Sometimes people aren’t sure how to proceed and you can offer them a few options.

Get Other Businesses Involved 

Success takes a village. Creating a village is a great way to see the issues and help with solutions. Sometimes just having the support is a huge help. 

It’s been tough, but we must continue to work together to help small businesses stay open. We hope we can see all of them on the other side, and your support could make all the difference.


Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash