There are equally important things with creating and maintaining a podcast. Content, flow, editing software, and equipment are all necessary components, but what about promotion? Promotion can mean the difference between a successful podcast and a highly successful podcast. If you are interested in taking yours to the next level, try these options.


Make It Searchable

It’s not enough to leave your podcast on a podcatcher and hope someone stumbles across it, you want to make sure that it is listed in different directories, this way if someone searches for it, they won’t have any trouble finding it.


Email Lists

Every time you put out a new show, send an email to your listeners reminding them of when and how they can listen. If it isn’t already scheduled on their calendar, you just helped put yourself back on their radar.


Website With Show Page

Website show pages are a great way for people to take a deeper dive into both you and your podcast. You can include show transcripts, show notes, and you can promote upcoming content and events. You should always provide links to where your shows can be downloaded. It also gives people a chance to get to know you, as the host and your background, which you won’t always talk about in every show. People will be able to view your website and get these facts easily, while they catch up on all of your shows.


Social Media

Social Media takes work, but it’s necessary to get the word out for your podcast. Tag your posts appropriately and engage with your listeners. Podcasting is unique in the fact that your audience feels closer to you. You are someone they trust, and social media bridges that gap. 



Look at how other podcasters are promoting their shows. If it seems to be working for them, you should be doing it too. Take the time and research each avenue and if it can work for you budget-wise and time-wise, you need to invest.


Actively promoting your show is how you are going to get more listeners and gain traction in the podcasting space. Take the time to post on social media, put yourself in directories and email lists, and research what others are doing. There may be a new form of promotion you haven’t thought of yet and it could be the avenue that helps you take off to be the next podcast star.  


Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash