Well-constructed websites are vital to many organizations. The importance of quality websites is particularly true of businesses, which utilize online outlets to inform prospective customers of the services and goods such entities provide. A key component of most websites is the landing page, which is the first page that consumers see when going to a company’s website. This short piece will offer business owners suggestions regarding how to create a great landing page.

Provide important information

A potentially effective landing page contains critical but catchy information regarding the specific product or service the company is selling. Proper design will garner a prospective customer’s attention and pique their interest in purchasing services or products from your business.

Contain images

The phrase “a picture is a worth a thousand words” applies to the creation of a potentially effective landing page. This website component should contain a visible image of the product available for public consumption. While product descriptions are also important, a photo gives customers a chance to view the item and obtain a clearer picture of how and where they could utilize it. For sites selling a variety of products or services, feature high-quality photos that highlight some of your most popular items.

Focus on importance or value

Effective landing pages will not only display photos and brief descriptions of products or services but additionally highlight the value a customer receives by investing in your products. Using formatting tools such as bullet points, a business should offer several reasons why a customer will benefit from the good or service being sold.

Enable easy navigation

Efficient landing pages afford prospective customers easy and expedient navigation. While photos and descriptions are crucial, companies are advised not to overcomplicate the site. Bombarding potential clients with endless bits of information and countless links renders site navigation difficult and distracting.

Ensure content is mobile friendly

In today’s fast-paced world, prospective customers often conduct important business on their mobile devices. Therefore, businesses need to ensure that their website content is compatible with all mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.

Promote customer contact

Effective landing pages allow customers to provide their contact information. Contact information blocks should enable prospective clients to give companies basic information such as their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Having this information makes it much easier to send marketing emails and follow-up with people interested in what your business offers.

Enable easy call to action

The goal of all businesses is to encourage prospective customers to become actual clients. Well constructed landing pages will have a clear and visible call to action link that enables customers to gather more information or make purchases.