After a few weeks into a new year, achieving goals and working toward resolutions are more than likely in full effect. Some people are doing great and have stayed on track, others have given up entirely, and some are trying to stay in the game but are struggling. Do you know which camp you fall into? I’ll tell you a secret, the people who are doing great are still struggling in their own way, the difference is, they are being consistent. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard for them, it means they have found a routine and have been sticking with it and it’s helping them accomplish their goals. 

But what if you are one who has “given up entirely”? Honestly, you shouldn’t beat yourself up. In fact that might be one of the reasons why it seems so difficult. It’s ok to abandon the original plan because the reality is, it wasn’t working for you. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and reassess. The beauty of every day is the ability to start over again. Monday’s are great for that too if you’d like to experience “a fresh start”. 

Take a long hard look at what you were doing and be completely honest with yourself. Have you scheduled time to get “insert goal here” done? Are you tracking your progress? Are you holding yourself accountable? Are you removing things that are roadblocks? Your honesty to yourself is where you can admit the reasons why you aren’t doing the things you promised.

If you truly do wish to accomplish your resolutions there’s something you should know, it’s not going to be easy. If things were easy we’d do them all the time. Things might be hard, but you can work with them. Find what your roadblocks are, work past them and get on with your plan. Don’t give up hope, you have the ability to accomplish your goals. You can do this!


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash