Finding the perfect co-host doesn’t have to be a challenge, but there are some things you might want to consider when choosing your podcast companion if you want to enrich the lives of your audience. 

Good Conversation/Flow 

The co-host’s job is to converse with the host and have a back and forth. Someone who does not engage or insert their own flair into the conversation will not make for a good partner. Find someone who can provide good flow and keep the conversation going smoothly. 

Difference of Opinions 

Many people love watching Real Housewives because of conflict. Your podcast doesn’t need to be that petty but there should be enough of a difference of opinion where the two of you can debate an issue. This is a good thing! A debate can help your audience look at both sides of a point so they can make up their own minds on a subject. A difference of opinion will actually create interesting content naturally. 


People come from different backgrounds, and your podcast should reflect this. People from all walks of life and cultures can bring new ideas and expertise to your show. Try to find someone very much unlike yourself to mix things up so that your content is dynamic. 

Different Expertise 

If you want dynamic content within your podcast, you may want a co-host whose expertise differs from yours. It doesn’t have to be night and day of a difference, but someone who can bring a different perspective to your show can be an asset. You can both learn from each other while teaching your audience at the same time. 

Deciding to bring a co-host onto your show can enrich your podcast, breathing new life into it. Someone who creates good conversational flow, diverse perspectives and different expertise will encourage interesting content and expand your audience.

Photo by Masako Watanabe.