It’s not exactly the easiest time to party. Social distancing and safety require a general “no fun” zone when it comes to celebrating. Here’s the thing, if you are someone getting a win, reaching a goal, or getting an award for an accomplishment, you desperately need to celebrate; especially in your place of work. Celebrating can help employees feel confident and give them a more positive outlook in their daily and working lives. It’s important to find a way to celebrate. 


It’s easy to fall into the grindstone of day in and day out work, celebrating wins breaks things up. It helps others see the accomplishments of who they work with and as a person getting a win, it’s a reminder that you have the ability to do great things. So do a little happy dance, have a zoom chat for an impromptu coffee break to just talk about nothing, or buy yourself a little something special, because you did a great job and you deserve it.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash