We often hear about AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the news. Some think it’s the tech of the future while others tend to lean toward the idea that it could be dangerous. Regardless of your stance on AI, it already plays different roles in your life whether you knew it or not. Here are 3 likely places you’re probably using it. 

Streaming Services

How is it that Netflix, Amazon, and other services know what you like to watch? Every show and movie you view is seen by their artificial intelligence which in turn gives you suggestions based on what you click on to watch next. It even knows when you like to watch certain things and will give you ideas based on the time of day! 

Messaging and E-mails

Your e-mail is pretty smart. You probably appreciate it when it takes Spam messages and sends them directly to your Spam folder rather than you having to filter it yourself. It also helps block that spam. Spellcheck? Yep, machine learning helps with grammar and spellchecks your work. 

Social Media

Have you ever posted a picture on Facebook and a name was suggested? Facebook uses Facial Recognition software for you to easily tag photos and suggest friends. Those cool Snapchat filters making you look ten years younger, or older, are another algorithm. 

So the next time you pick up your remote, post a picture on social media, or send an e-mail to your boss, you’ll know that Artificial Intelligence is already very alive and well in your everyday life. 

Photo Credit: Ant Pruitt @ TWiT