It’s been a difficult yet empowering few years for women in business. With the #MeToo movement sweeping the world stage and Time’s Up calling men in power to task, there’s never been a better time for women to claim their rightful positions of power. There have always been huge issues for women entering business industries thanks to sexism and discrimination. For women who are seeking inspiration to make the leap in business, here are just a few powerhouse females who have triumphed in their trades, often against plenty of opposition.

Arianna Huffington

When Arianna Huffington started off her email list, she had no idea just how much her words would resonate with others around the globe. Now, the Huffington Post is a news outlet in its own right. Her advice is to constantly exercise fearlessness in order to eradicate it.

Sara Blakely

When Blakely first started experimenting with pantyhose, she didn’t know that she had a billion-dollar idea on her hands; all she knew was that she wanted to make her own life easier by creating great shapewear. Now, as the youngest self-made female billionaire on the planet, she has proven that a great idea can become universal. She advises other businesswomen not to be afraid to make mistakes during their quest for success.

Kate Spade

Before Kate Spade took the leap of faith and started her handbag company, she held a high-profile gig as a magazine editor. Although some doubted her wisdom in leaving a secure position to venture into the unknown, her savvy risk-taking paid off—to the tune of billions of dollars.

Lisa Price

Historically, it has been difficult for women of color to find hair products that suit them. One woman, Lisa Price, started to experiment with oils and fragrances, finally creating a business that spread by word of mouth. Eventually, her products would be featured in magazines and all over the internet. The sale of Carol’s Daughter to L’Oreal solidified Price’s position as a trailblazer. She advises women to embrace success and not to worry about selling out.

Martha Stewart

As the irrepressible doyenne of domestic dazzle, Martha Stewart has triumphed over adversity many times in her life. Buddying up with unexpected pals such as Snoop Dogg, Stewart has continued to redefine her brand over the years. She counsels aspiring female entrepreneurs to reach for the stars and change with the times.