Getting a job is one of most important rite of passages for a young adult. It is also the first step in living a self-sufficient and independent life. Since this achievement is such a momentous occasion, arriving on the first day can be a little scary, especially since you don’t have much professional experience. The only way to ease this anxiety is by preparing ahead of time. These are the four best ways to stand out at work.

Arrive early

There is no easier way to make a bad impression with a new boss than showing up late on the first day. Walking in exactly on time may not be the best look either. Showing up five to 10 minutes early is ideal when starting a new job. This timeliness shows enthusiasm and motivation to put in a good day’s work. It also ensures that a little extra traffic in the morning will not cause any troubles.

Take some notes

The nerves and anxiety of starting a new job can make it extremely difficult to retain important information. The boss does not want to provide basic information more than once, so make sure to carry a small notepad. Passwords, names, telephone numbers, and anything else that is pertinent to the job should go in the notebook. It may be tempting to take these notes on a smartphone, but that is just going to make a bad impression.

Wear the right clothes

Every workplace has a dress code that the employees must follow. Wearing the wrong clothes will make a bad impression with the boss. The easiest way to know the correct attire is by checking out the clothes of the other employees at the job interview. A quick phone call or email to the hiring manager will also help when choosing the correct outfit. Do anything possible to avoid the embarrassing experience of wearing a suit to a business casual office on the first day or vice versa.

Ask questions

A lot of people are afraid to ask questions when starting their first job, but this inquisitiveness is actually a great way to stand out. Asking questions shows enthusiasm and a desire to learn. It is impossible to know everything on the first day, so the boss will be happy to answer the questions. Just make sure to ask them at an appropriate time.