Part of what makes a startup so exciting is the idea that an entrepreneur can do something new and like no one has ever done it previously. This mindset often leads to a specific type of work culture never before seen in business. Some would even argue that this culture is what initially makes startups successful. So, as a business expands, how can you maintain this startup culture and keep that energy present in your company?

Instill startup culture in managers

As a business grows there is an ever increasing need to delegate some of the tasks to managers as opposed to trying to do everything alone as the founder. Usually, this transition is when the bureaucracy begins in an office because at this point, all decisions must come through a chain of command. Because initial leaders cannot be involved in every aspect of business, it’s vital that they try to pass down this same startup culture to the managers they have hired. This process requires trust and some leeway for the managers so that they can find the tactics that work best within their own managed teams.

Continue to quickly adapt

As companies expand, the time frame to make a decision usually expands. Back when it was just a startup, the leader could make a decision at the snap of their fingers. While it is extremely important to think things through thoroughly before moving forward, design the business in a way that it can quickly change and adapt regardless of its size instead of becoming entrenched in the way the company is run.

Keep smaller teams

One of the greatest things about startups is that because the teams are so small, everyone gets to know each other extremely well and comes to depend on one another day in and day out. While this small amount of employees is no longer possible past a certain point, make it a priority to keep small groups within the larger office. Each of these teams gets to know each other far better than if they were to only interact with the other employees as a whole.

Promote exercise in the office

Startups often include fun programs that get lost as the company expands. While some of these are no longer sustainable at larger numbers, others should be kept on as morale boosters. This can include encouraging exercise during breaks at the office or even having employees compete with one another in monthly step challenges for prizes. This will keep the startup feel alive and promote healthy living; one of the most appealing aspects of startups are the unique social perks they offer, so keep those aspects alive.