We often fall in love with podcasts because we are drawn toward their hosts and the interesting, fun, and inspiring content they put out. When they bring on guests, they add new layers to their content. If you aren’t sure about bringing a guest onto your podcast, here are 4 benefits of why you should.


Expert Information

We’d all love to be the expert on everything, but that is simply not possible. Bringing on a guest allows you to present expertise on different subjects in conjunction with your own content. Allowing your audience to be informed from multiple perspectives gives your audience a well-rounded knowledge about different topics so they can make their own decisions.


Enriches Your Content

Having the ability to bring on new personalities provides freshness to your content. If you typically don’t have guests, this is a great way to add a little pizazz to your show while bringing new perspectives and expertise. 


Draws New Subscribers

A guest will most likely have their own set of followers, and you may end up attracting those followers to stay and subscribe to your shows. This, in turn, provides the same benefit for your guest. In this case, sharing is caring.


Promotes Networking

Guests don’t have to be a close friend or colleague. They can be someone you barely know or have never met. Inviting them to join you is a great opportunity for networking. Getting to know someone else in a different field or another podcast personality can give you more potential to take your podcast and career further and will open doors to newer things in the future.


While you may not need to bring a guest on your podcast every week, it really is a great opportunity to meet new people, promote your show to new subscribers and provide new content including expert information. So the next time you find yourself struggling for some inspiration, bring on a guest and see where the fun takes you.


Photo Credit: TWiT.tv