Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and every year those resolutions remain remarkably the same. Year after year the top resolutons include things like losing weight or getting healthier, reducing stress, spending more time with family and friends, traveling, or just enjoying life more. All of these resolutions have a fairly common theme as to why they exist and that is simply a lack of time throughout the year to regularly make these a priority. In our overly busy, overworked, overpacked lives and schedules, it can be difficult to find time for the things that really matter, like exercising, getting enough sleep, or spending leisure time with friends. Anything that can help free up more time to enjoy life more can only be a benefit. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring a personal assistant.

Helps you have more time for tasks only you can do

Every day, there are tasks that you personally need to accomplish and tasks that can be done by anyone. Tucking your children into bed at night is a task you probably want to do personally, but driving them to soccer practice, picking up your dry cleaning, or ordering more office supplies online are all tasks that someone else can handle. The more you hand off tasks that anyone can do, the more time you have to do what really matters to you personally. For work-related tasks, it can be incredibly helpful to hire a personal assistant. For errands in your personal life, finding someone online who can help out with stuff can be beneficial. Maybe you want to hire a housekeeper, pay a neighbor kid to mow your lawn, or have a younger relative who could drive your children to practice; there are options out there!

Creates better mental and emotional health

We all have tasks that we dread just thinking about, particularly when it comes to work. There are so many administrative tasks that are fairly simple, but take up our time. More often than not, however, those tasks that you dread the most are also fairly important. The more you procrastinate, the greater the mental and emotional toll they start to take. Hiring someone to manage the tasks you hate the most doesn’t just free up time, it can also help remove a heavy mental and emotional weight. 

Creates more income

Most of our tasks in life are divided into two categories: income-earning tasks and non-income earning tasks. Every hour that you can earn more income than you are paying a personal assistant, you are coming out ahead. For instance, if you generate $50 in income for each hour you engage in income-earning tasks and pay a personal assistant $15 an hour, then you are still generating $35 an hour in net income, versus the $0 an hour you would be generating by doing non-income earning tasks. When it comes to your business, hiring a personal assistant to take care of tasks that do not help earn income is helpful; instead, you can focus on creating new partnerships, working with clients, or streamlining your product or service.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.