There are so many amazing podcasts out there to choose from, but perhaps you have an amazing podcast idea that hasn’t been done yet. Your next thought might be to create your own but you might ask yourself: what makes a good podcast? Here are three things you should consider when starting your own. 

Strong Host 

As much as we’d all like to be the next podcaster with their name in lights, the reality is that people need to want to listen to you. This is easier said than done. You don’t have to be from some part of the world and have a fancy accent, but you do need to be strong in your opinion and an expert in whatever it is you are talking about. Monotone in any accent isn’t going to go over well. You need to be strong enough to stand out and someone who others will continue to listen to. 

Good Content 

Podcasters don’t get on the air to just mouth off… well not always. They may at times, but the reality is hosts put in a lot of work researching and preparing how the show will run and what they plan to talk about. They may be experts in their field but that also means they are up-to-date on the current trends, news, and information. Jabbering on and on isn’t going to keep many people’s interest for long, you need structure and well thought out content. 

Sound Quality 

Even though it shouldn’t have to be said, I’m going to say it. Sound is everything when it comes to podcasting. After all, the entire purpose of a podcast is for others to “listen” to what you have to say. If the sound is bad meaning: too low, staticky, or intermittent, you will lose listeners fast. Not everyone who has started a podcast has had a large budget, but there are many different, good quality pieces of equipment out there that don’t cost a fortune. Make sure you take the time to invest and test your equipment. You want good sound, period. That also means you may have to listen and re-record if necessary. 

Anyone can start a podcast, but to make it good you need a strong host, good content and sound quality to amp it up. If you have all of these elements, you are on your way to an amazing podcast. 

Photo by Masako Watanabe from TWiT