We all could use the ability to stay on track and get things done. So how exactly do you do that? With “To-Do Lists”. They seem antiquated since your grandmother probably uses them every time she goes to the grocery store. But how many times have you gone to the store and couldn’t remember everything you needed? Your Grandma is actually a pretty smart cookie. With that said, yes you should. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when you make the to-do list that can help get you on track.


Can You Delegate?

When looking at your to-do list ask yourself: can I delegate any of this? If you have a giant to-do list and it’s likely overwhelming, get the help you need to get it done. 


Can It Help Jog Your Memory?

Many people take notes in college. Some for the purpose to look back on to study, but there’s actually another reason. The act of writing helps your memory. It’s another step with absorbing that information. Let’s go back to your grandma’s list. If she did write it down and forgot the list, she’d probably have a better time recalling those items than if she hadn’t written it down in the first place.


Can They Make You Feel Better?

Believe it or not, to-do lists can make you de-stress. Once you have everything written out, you can then plan. Having a plan makes many people feel a lot less stressed, and every time you check off one of your to-do’s, you can have that wonderful sense of accomplishment of getting it done and out of the way.


Make a to-do list and you might start getting things done faster, with good vibes and you’ll be able to encourage others to help you along the way. So the next time you see someone’s Grandma, yours or not, ask her about her favorite list-taking pad of paper. I bet she has plenty.


Photo by Paico Oficial on Unsplash