It’s almost that wonderful time of the year. The time where sales abound and presents are given to loved ones. With most of us shopping online these days, there is, unfortunately, an opportunity for thieves to pluck your unsuspecting advent calendar right off of your front porch. If this has been something you’ve experienced, or have worried about, here are a few ways to combat your anxiety and hopefully enjoy the happiness of gift-giving.


Get an old fashioned Post Office Box

Go down to your local post office and sign up for a PO Box. This way you have the opportunity to get all your packages at one time and you know they are always secure. It requires a little leg work, but it is a safer alternative for receiving mail and boxes.


Request a signature when receiving packages

If you have the opportunity to request a signature upon arrival, you should do it. When the delivery truck arrives, this ensures that someone is home and can take the package inside. The downside is that, if no one is home the driver has to leave with the delivery and you may have to go pick it up. Either way, at least you know your package is safe.


Purchase A Parcel Lockbox

If you are someone who receives parcels all year round or are a business that doesn’t always have someone to receive packages but they still get dropped off, consider purchasing a package lockbox. These lockboxes can provide weather protection and can be secured to the ground. The best part is, you can share an access code with delivery companies, their drivers, family, and friends. 


Get a smart doorbell

If you aren’t interested in getting an entire security system installed, you do have the option of a smart doorbell. Connected to the internet, the smart doorbell will tell you of activity outside of your front door whether it’s a visitor or a delivery. The device will notify you when someone rings it as well and give you visual confirmation of who is outside. It has motion sensors and you’ll be able to talk through it as well. While this might not physically deter a thief from grabbing your packages, you will have visual documentation of who may have stolen your package and at what time of day. Just seeing the smart doorbell may be a deterrent to someone interested in your packages.


Home Security

Perhaps you need all-around security that extends beyond your front porch. It could be an alarm system or just monitoring, there are a few options out there. Many are wireless and have video surveillance as well including sensors for points of entry to your entire home. Home security will cover your front door and could help with package theft.



Sometimes protecting your mail doesn’t have to be monitored 24/7. If you have a neighbor you trust, talk to them about grabbing packages if they see them on your front porch and letting you know they are safe. Sometimes community is just as effective.


Now that you know all of the options for protecting your deliveries, you can rest assured that this holiday season will be theft free and full of gift-giving.


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