Working from home has added many elements that employees have had to adjust to since the beginning of the pandemic. While some have had experience with WFH many others had to scramble to adjust to their new work environment. The interesting part about it all is that the pros and cons of one person might be quite different for another. For example, single people might feel lonely, while on the opposite end, couples and people with children might feel overwhelmed and wish they could be alone. In terms of just work, here are a few pros and cons that most employees might be facing.


Pro: Your Space. You have the ability to set up your workspace however you’d like. Want to move to the couch? It’s an option! Want to leave everything all over your desk? You can! It’s your space.


Con: Distractions. One might think that includes your phone or tv (those will definitely distract you), but you might start noticing that you need to clean the kitchen, do the dishes, or put the laundry away. These are distractions as well that can be wearing. 


Pro: Saving Money. You don’t have to drive to work, so you are saving money on gas. You don’t have to go out to eat which means you can stay home making your own food and eat your leftovers. Technically you don’t have to dress exceptionally fancy, so if you have no need to buy clothes, your olds ones are just fine. You might be able to save some money for a better couch.


Con: Lack Of In-Person Social Interaction. We as humans are social creatures. At the office, you have the ability to interact with your co-workers on a daily basis. You might have a conversation about tacos, or you can ask how someone’s birthday party went. Unfortunately, working from home is isolating and lacks social connection. Sometimes we just need that social connection and you don’t get that very often working from home.


Pro: You’re Not Spreading COVID. COVID19 is the whole reason we are working at home. You are limiting your contact with others, you are keeping hospitals from being inundated with very sick people and you’re saving someone’s life. It might not feel heroic but the reality is, that it is.


It hasn’t been easy, but hopefully, no matter what is happening in your world, there are still some pros to be found that can outweigh the cons.


Photo by Allie on Unsplash