The Pandemic has really hit businesses hard, particularly small businesses. This time of year is so crucial for many as it is the major time of year that people are purchasing items specifically for holidays. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of a large advertising budget, but there are many things they can do to bring more attention and awareness to getting local residents into their stores, or at least, visibility with what is being sold.


Social Media Can Truly Make A Difference

You want people to know about you. Maybe you had a social media presence before, but if it was small, or worse, non-existent, you can’t afford to not be using it now. Get on and start blasting the work you do, or the products you are selling. If there are forums or groups get on them and participate. Make content available often so that it can be shared with others. Most of all make sure your friends and their friends are sharing your content and hopefully spreading the word.


Stories Stories Stories

In your social media platforms, there is usually a short video part called “stories”. This option allows people to view videos in a short amount of time and is one of the best ways to showcase products. Clothing retailers have been using stories to showcase their clothing and other in-store items and you should be using it too. People can skip to the next video easily and you can post these as many times as you’d like. It’s a great visual without having to enter the store.


Think Into The Delivery Box 

This pandemic has caused people to not leave their homes. Food delivery and pickup was a normal practice prior to COVID but has gone up significantly and is practically the only way to get restaurant food these days. What’s to say that a non-food vendor can’t do the same? Curbside pickup or deliveries can now start becoming a part of your business’s repertoire. Drop off, ship, or schedule pickups. If you can create and utilize a pickup schedule online through your website, people can schedule themselves without having to pick up the phone. Find an alternative way for them to purchase your merchandise.


Form A Coalition With Other Small Businesses

As the saying goes “better together”. It’s really hard to do anything on your own. Take advantage of a local business coalition or form one! You can discuss ways to help each other, give and get marketing tips, and support each other, even if it’s just to empathize with the frustrations you may be having.


Go Old Fashioned

Putting up signs seems old school, but many people don’t know if you’re open or what practices you are maintaining during this crazy time. Let people know how they can purchase from you through a sign or even better, a chalkboard sign that can be changed often. Don’t forget to include your social media handles and the other ways they can purchase items that don’t include coming to your actual location.


I know this year has been hard. The last thing we want is for small businesses to go away. These businesses are people’s livelihood, their dreams, and they bring their own unique fun and beauty to towns. Many of the things they sell are one-of-a-kind and at the end of the day, these are the people who deserve our money because they bring money into our local economy. They are our neighbors, our friends, and we want them to succeed. 


Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash