Why is a new year such a great time to pursue goals? Because it marks a beginning; a good place to start over, and a good time to refresh. Goals and intentions need to start somewhere and even if you are suffering from a hangover on January 1st, it’s always a good time to re-evaluate your life. The great thing about living in this new decade is that technology is always budding with updates and creations. Now you and your resolutions can have a little extra help. Here are a couple of tech devices to keep you on track from now until December 31st. 

Fitness Trackers – These devices have been around for a while, but there are always new and updated options coming out. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Garmin all have a way to track your activity. Only have a smartphone? Even your phone can track mileage. Reach that goal of 10,000 steps a day while also checking your e-mail! 

Apps – We forget sometimes that apps are also technology. Whether you want to travel more or quit smoking, there are apps to help you. There are personal training apps, a way to donate or sell clothing online (if you are trying to clean out your closet), and tools to help you save and budget. Most of the devices mentioned in this article will probably have an application connected with it in some way, so they will probably be your bread butter for ultimately reaching your goals. 

Smart Water Bottles – Trying to make sure you’re getting properly hydrated? Smart water bottles can let you know when it’s time to drink and how much! Some sync with your fitness tracker, and glow when it’s time for you to drink up. One has a sensor that can tell if you are drinking water or coffee! There are many brands and options to choose from. 

Planners/Calendars – Planning your days, weeks, events or time, in general, is often a challenge for many. Some love writing in a planner and flipping the pages, coloring doodles and placing stickers, but that takes time too! Your smartphone has a built-in calendar that can connect with your e-mail. If someone sends you a calendar invite or a tentative meeting time, it will let you add it to your calendar. You can set reminders that will pop up on your phone. Your paper planner might be pretty, but it will not do that. 

So whether you are trying to get more organized, work on fitness, or have goals for healthier living, use a technical device or app to help you get there. Keeping your goals is hard enough, let technology help you reach them.

Photo Credit:  mr.luna_foto