There’s a reason why people get a therapy dog, they relieve stress. Whether you are touching, petting, hugging, or even looking at a dog, you can feel calmer. This doesn’t just include dogs, it can be cats, hamsters, even snakes! Pets can ease loneliness. 

The advantages of specifically having a dog are many. Some include the touch aspect, but they can also help you be more active. By taking them on walks you aren’t just getting their companionship and exercise, you’re also helping to ward off depression. The benefits go up and up! 

Depending on your lifestyle it’s important to find the right pet for you. So if it’s a canary, a degu, or three cats, pets can be a wonderful companion, especially if you live alone. Consider all the benefits of gaining a pet in your household. Make sure you have the ability to provide and care for your pet, because they need you as much as you need them, but the overall benefits could change your life for the better.

Photo by MIKHAIL VASILYEV on Unsplash