It probably seems like lately everyone you know is pursuing entrepreneurship in some way. There are new startups popping up constantly and everyone is talking about how they’re an entrepreneur now, even though you don’t think they know exactly what that means. Maybe you’re considering starting your own business and pursuing career goals. You might have a great idea or incredible talent in an industry that you’d love to turn into a new business. Before embarking on this journey, you need to decide whether or not being an entrepreneur is for you. There are certain skills that are vital for an entrepreneur to possess, so make sure you have them!

You’re not afraid of hard work

Becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business takes a significant amount of work. You’ll need to spend a lot of time planning, developing, and working on your business so you need to be able to commit lots of work to it. When you become an entrepreneur, you’ll be in for late nights and early mornings and the best way to achieve success is being prepared for the work ahead of time.

You feel comfortable asking for help

No matter what the organization is, whenever the leader tries to take on all of the responsibility and micromanage everything, it’s a recipe for failure. Surround yourself with people you trust to take care of tasks you can delegate and learn to trust others to meet deadlines and help you out. Beyond delegating, don’t be afraid to ask a mentor or friend for help if you need it. Starting a business on your own is a lot and you won’t have all the answers as a beginner.

You’re willing to take risks

Part of launching a business is being willing to take risks to get your company to the next level. Never be satisfied with where the company is, so you can always work toward your next goal. Just because you reach a goal doesn’t  mean you need to stop trying to improve; you can always do better. If you take measured risks, you’ll likely reach a more successful place than you would have by playing it safe. Even if you fail, you’ll learn an immense amount from the experience.

You can adapt to change

When starting your own company, your life, goals, and business plan will drastically change as time goes on. You need to be able to adapt to these changes. If you’re inflexible to change, it’ll be difficult to pursue the path of an entrepreneur, where your business constantly changes as it evolves.

You have an actual vision and plan

If you want to make it as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to carefully plan out your business strategy beforehand. Instead of diving headfirst into starting a business, you need to make sure you have the funds and resources necessary to launch and support that business. If you have a clear vision for your company, you can work toward that goal. Take time to map out your goals and business plan and you’re on the path to being a great entrepreneur!