Cultivating workplace relationships with women isn’t something we generally equate with success. With the latest news regarding hardships for women in the work arena, it’s obvious that achieving success hasn’t been easy. But even when we subtract blatant discrimination toward women as something that holds them back, the reality behind their progress relies on the support of other women

To be clear, it’s not that men can’t help women become successful, it’s the fact that when women hire other women, they are more apt to be led in directions they never contemplated going. Essentially women play a vital role in the success of other women. 

Rather than being in competition with each other, women should nurture and truly take a role in both hiring and mentoring. With these actions, they will have a hand in cultivating a culture where their involvement becomes the key to their colleague’s success and the success of future working women everywhere.

Photo Credit: Ant Pruitt @ TWiT
Pictured: Mary Jo Foley