College is a time for every student to dabble in all the different forms of learning. Whether it’s math, science, philosophy, or art, there are a lot of amazing classes to take. One of these areas is communication for which media, and particularly, podcasting falls under. If you are interested in a career in podcasting, there are a few classes you should have on your list. Many of these may fall under the required class curriculum depending on your selected area of study, but if they don’t, you may want to seek them out to take for yourself.


Learn How To Use And Edit With Audio Software

If you are interested in the field of podcasting one of its major components requires editing. There are a few different programs out there, but learning editing on one program will aid you with others. Depending on the software you ultimately end up using, they have many of the same basic features. If you have the opportunity to work with a podcast network, and they are using a different program than you are used to, it would be wise to take a class that teaches you the specifics of that software. In the end, it will help you navigate and adapt more quickly while editing. 


Learn About Broadcasting

Understanding broadcast media overall is beneficial to learning about audiences as well as how it’s actually done. There are differences between broadcasting radio, and television, and also podcasting. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the whole field so you have a well-rounded knowledge base.


Take Public Speaking

Whether or not you plan on being in front of the mic, it’s good to know how to prepare a speech and speak clearly. If you plan on being a host this is an especially important skill so that you can learn what a good speaker sounds like and how you can improve. After all, podcasting is a form of public speaking and you should be as practiced as possible.


Take A Radio/Podcasting Class

If you are truly interested in the field of podcasting it’s wise to take a class that focuses specifically on your passion so you can really get a feel for what it’s all about. You will learn how to set up the flow of your show, put together segments, how to brand yourself, and how to edit your recordings with good sound and even sound effects. Take as many semesters as you can because you will want as much time to build your portfolio and experience as you can get.


As with any career, it’s important to take classes that will specifically benefit you in that career and provide you with a well-rounded knowledge base. It might seem like a waste of time to practice formal speaking if your focus is podcasting, but it’s just another form of what podcasters do. You never know what your basic college courses can teach you until you find yourself using those skills in the real world. If you aren’t enrolled in college or just desire to add a few courses into your extracurricular study, find an online school or local Junior College to get started.