When starting a new year of work, a person may want to create a few goals to achieve in the next year. These goals might include expanding their thinking or becoming more competitive. Maybe they want to receive a promotion or just get better at performing their job. Whatever the motivation, it may help if they picked up one or more of the best business books of 2018 to gain some inspiration. These books can drastically improve your career, but they can help other areas of your life as well. Here are some of the best business books of 2018.

My Morning Routine by Michael Xander & Benjamin Spall

My Morning Routine explains how successful people begin their day. Every morning is started with a blank slate. A person’s morning routine should reflect their lifestyle. This book analyzes the morning habits of individuals who are professors, entrepreneurs, and even Olympic medalists. If a person needs to get their morning routine in order, this one may be a useful book.

Imagine It Forward by Beth Comstock

This book is by a former vice chair at General Electric. Beth Comstock’s role at GE involved the transformation of clean energy and digital into the framework of the company’s products. Attempting to push an established company into these new areas would take courage as well as creativity. In the book, Comstock shares lessons that she learned while working at this large organization.

Building On Bedrock by Derek Lidow

Building on Bedrock gets into the real work that it takes to build a business that will last over the long term. Derek Lidow discusses the how’s and why’s and ties this in with lessons from self-made entrepreneurs such as Walt Disney and Sam Walton.

Atomic Habits by Due Quach

Due Quach wrote this book to discuss her struggle as a Vietnamese refugee who attended Harvard after growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia. While other students were obsessed about their grades and lived sheltered lifestyles, she dealt with not feeling accepted by her peers and her college. Along the way of self-discovery, she learned that she had suffered from PTSD due to experiences from her childhood. Her study of neuroscience and techniques to hack or rewire her brain are shared.

Wisdom @ Work by Chip Conley

Chip Conley, who is Airbnb’s strategic advisor discusses the trend of older Americans who are staying in their careers longer. This development requires them to stay in tune with changes that occur in their industry, update their skills when needed, and understand how to switch roles in a landscape that’s constantly changing. He advises individuals on ways that they can thrive and be successful.