As some of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last 50 years have shown, a good mentorship is often an important factor in the development of a winning career. Indeed, the rewards of seeking out a good mentor can be a truly life-changing experience. Here are just a few reasons why utilizing a mentor is an important career step, and why mentors can enable us to take our business ideas to the next level.

Show Us The Path Forward

When building a career from the ground up, much time can be lost in testing out different career paths and entrepreneurial strategies. If a mentor has already tried out various paths forward to achieve success in their own field, they will be all the more prepared to show us where we might be erring in our own judgment. Truly, the guidance that a mentor can provide is invaluable when it comes to evaluating career decisions.

Help Us Avoid Mistakes Before They Occur

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things that mentors can provide is advice related to common pitfalls in the professional world. Just as we would seek out the counsel of a trusted guide before preparing to climb Mt. Everest, we should view the advice of a mentor as an essential facet of any good business decision.

Provide Emotional Support During Tough Times

The ability to draw on the experience and emotional support of a mentor should not be overlooked by aspiring business professionals. Every career has its ups and downs, and job security at even the most prestigious firms in the world is becoming something of a rarity. At a time when 90% of start-ups fail, it can be a great thing for entrepreneurs to seek out advice from trusted mentors during times of doubt.

Foster Connections In Our Field

It is no secret that the connections we make through good mentorships can be truly life-changing in their effects. From their years of professional experience in business, mentors will often have a large network of contacts to draw from to help us solve problems that arise over the course of our own careers. That kind of resourcefulness will make hard-to-solve problems much easier to approach in the long-term.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash.