There is a certain finesse that writing emails require. It involves much more than just firing off a text with happy faces and exclamation points. In a business setting, it’s important to remember that and draft your email accordingly. Here are three things to consider when writing a professional email.


Keep It Short

If you are a business professional your time is valuable. That means having to read a lengthy email that never seems to get to the point is a waste of your time. Don’t waste other people’s time either and keep your email short and to the point.


Double Check It Before Sending

As much as we’d like to believe that we write things perfectly before we send them, it’s really important to check for typos and accuracy. Maybe you are setting up a meeting. Did you double-check that the time and date are correct? Take your time and look your email over with a critical eye.


Maintain Professionalism

A professional email rarely includes emojis with hearts and smiley faces. Avoid using these, as well as acronyms and inappropriate language. If you have to question whether or not it looks professional you probably shouldn’t send it. That includes foul language and slang.


Whether or not you are a long time business professional or just starting out in a new job, consider these tips when you are drafting your email and you can’t go wrong.


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash