Building your brand and growing your followers takes a comprehensive marketing strategy. One often overlooked aspect of marketing is guest podcasting, which involves participating as a guest on someone’s podcast. It’s similar to guesting on a radio show and follows similar rules of etiquette. One of the most important rules in that regard is to show up prepared for your interview.

Researching your options

The work begins even before you receive an invitation to appear as a guest. First, you’ll need to reach out to podcast hosts and ask about the possibility of coming onto the show as a guest. Before you go to iTunes or Google and begin your search for podcasts, remember that your goal is to appeal to listeners with an interest in your product or service. Similarly, hosts are going to be looking for guests who offer something of value and interest to their listeners. When you have identified podcasts that fall within your area of interest, listen to their shows. This helps you get a taste for the styles of the hosts and help you identify which podcasts appeal to you, personally.

Send out your queries

After you’ve selected a few podcasts that appeal to you, it’s time to make contact. Send out a query to each podcast host and express your interest in appearing on their show. Additionally, you should address concerns the hosts will have in determining if you’re a good fit for their show. For instance, explain what you can bring to their show. Discuss your business and show why you would be a credible guest with a degree of authority within that field of interest covered by the podcast. Explain what you would like to discuss or share, during your podcast spot. Honestly explain why you want to be on a podcast. Maybe you’re releasing a new book, launching a new product, or starting a new website. Whatever the reason, share that in your query emails.

Be persistent

Podcast hosts are busy people. In between planning and writing their shows, they’re fielding query emails like the one you just sent. For that reason, it’s a good idea to follow up a few times, until you hear something back. A good practice is to send follow-up emails every 2-3 days. Send something simple, just stating that you wanted to make sure your original query was received and that you hope to receive a response, when possible.

The key to obtaining a guest spot on the podcasts that interest you is determination. Your continued interest and your ability to offer something of value will ensure you get a spot on that podcast. Even if your pitch is rejected, don’t feel discouraged. Do more research, revamp your pitch, and try again.