It’s easy to buy into the constant, neverending COVID-19 press. Many of us worry about the “what ifs” but with all of this going on, we have been forgetting to pay attention to other things that are just as, if not more, important. 


Your Body

Yes, there is a virus, and hopefully, by now you know how to wash your hands, but you still have a body to take care of. Drinking water, exercising, and staying connected with others is very important, but listening to your body is also a must. People have been avoiding other serious biological issues to avoid the Emergency Room. Virus or not, if you are experiencing a serious medical condition, you still need to be treated by a professional medical doctor.


Your Car

If you are in quarantine and you haven’t gone anywhere, it’s safe to assume that your car probably hasn’t either, but it still needs to be maintained. Start it up once every two weeks and make sure that you are checking tires to ensure they are inflated. You also want to make sure that no little creatures take up residence in your vehicle either. Rats can nest in your engine and squirrels can eat through your wiring system which can cost a fortune to repair. Check under your hood and in tight spaces. A bi-weekly vehicle analysis could save you some big bucks later, so don’t forget about your vehicle.


Your Finances

This is a touchy subject, but still very important. With everything going on, jobs and income may have changed significantly for you and your family. It’s a great time to review your financial situation while also making sure you set yourself up for future success. If you cannot pay certain bills, don’t throw them in a corner and hope they disappear. Call the company and inform them of your situation and see what can be worked out. Many companies understand what is happening and want to help, but don’t assume they know what’s going on for you personally. You could wrack up late fees and other charges that you cannot afford.


The news has been a little overwhelming, and while business isn’t quite usual, you still need to give yourself grace, take some deep breaths, and please, take care of the other things in your life that need attention too. Your body, your car, and your wallet will thank you in the long run.