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There comes a time in your career where you’re evaluating how much you’re being paid. For many people, it often seems like you’re overworked in underpaid and you’d like to be compensated for the work you do. Whenever you’re discussing a new salary, whether with a promotion, a new job, or a yearly evaluation, make sure you negotiate your salary. There’s almost always room for it to be raised and if you use these negotiation tactics, you’re much more likely to get the pay that you deserve.

As a hiring manager, it’s important that you find the best employees possible. Hiring great employees from the very beginning ensures that you’re avoiding problems down the road with employees who aren’t great at their jobs or are not dedicated to the company’s mission.

No matter what industry you work in, it can be difficult for women to navigate the various details of their careers while often dealing with numerous other issues. However, it’s also entirely possible for women to excel in their chosen career path and meet any challenge head-on. Here are some tips for how women can improve their careers.

Giving a presentation can be stressful, but with some practice, it can also be something you do with ease. You don’t have to be afraid of public speaking and talking about your ideas of research, no matter how large the group you’re speaking in front of is. Here are tips for making the most of any presentation outstanding.